Having kids is fun!  One of the reasons I love my son is some of the crazy things that come out of his mouth.  One of these days I will learn to stop and write some of this stuff down so I can remember it.  So I know my son has some witty banter so I thought I would stop and ask other people what some of the crazy things their kids say.

Last night he was in the shower and I hear him scream at me:

"Hey Momma, it feels like I'm in a big cup of hot cocoa and it is just pouring over me"

Or the other day he was in the living room with his cat Astro singing:

"Shake, Shake, Shake

Shake, Shake, Shake,

Shake your Astro! (you know instead of booty)"

Well all I heard was the first part of (As) tro!  I giggled but not to loud to bring it to his attention. I didn't want to have to explain why I was laughing.

One time the cat was meowing incessantly because he was hungry, and it is Es chore to feed the animals.

Me: E do you hear your cat.
E.: Yes
Me: Do you know why he is meowing incessantly?
E: No I don't speak cat

I had to turn and walk away because I was laughing so hard.

Growing up my brother was notorious for the crazy things he would say.

He couldn't for the life of him say Aunt Rhonda so he called her Aunt E-Wa and it stuck.

One time my mom was trying to take him swimming and he was having none of it.

"No momma, I don't want to go into the big bathtub.

She was also trying to teach him how do count in Spanish.

Mom: Cory, do you know how to say one in Spanish
Cory: No, I don't know
Mom: Uno
Cory: No I don't know
Mom: Cory, uno.
Cory: Mom!  I don't know do UNO! (you know)

My niece would always ask us for strawbabies since she couldn't say strawberries. It was so darn cute.

I know the kids in my family have said some crazy stuff so I thought I would ask my friends about some of the crazy things their kids say.

Melissa R:

Me: 'Tyler, I better not see you hit your brother like that again!'
Tyler: 'Can I hit him just a little softer?'

Roland and Jenny T:

When William was 4 yrs old he couldn't remember the word burp so he would say "I farted in my mouth".


Wesley tells Jenny and I when he grows up he wants to be an army ninja and live in our basement with 11 dogs.

Roli has a dream of someday working at subway so he can eat all the spicy Italian subs he wants.


Caleb says "hey baby" to most female drive thru workers when we are at a restraint.

Jess C:

Calen for a while used to tell us he wanted to grow up and be a fire truck.

Joannie K:

Carrigan always plays with her hoopa loop and loves to go through the quicky quack car wash!!!


Arcadio R:

When Adam was about 3 we were in the mall and I guess we were walking too fast and he yells, "Hey, wait up you slow pokes!"

Tammie C:

We always told my daughter Katie (Bless you) when she sneezed. So when she started talking she though that a sneeze was called (Bless you). So she would say I (Bless you) can I have a keynex. (Kleenex)

Jennifer C:

Sara use to say "How to meet ya, How to meet ya" when she would shake someones hand.

Christi G:

MARQUEZ: Mom why does your facebook have Bain in your name?
ME: So that people from high school can find me.
MARQUEZ: You had friends in high school?
ME: Yes I had friends when I was in high school.
YASMINE: Were you skinny then?

I think I got burned twice by my kids!

Brooke H:

My daughter calls a Chihuahua  an "enchihuahua" like an "enchilada."

Liz V:

When Brendin was 4 we were dropping my oldest son off at school and when my son was getting out of the car Brendin said "bubba, if you see a nerd punch him in the throat".

(Just so its clear I don't condone violence. Lol!)

Charity G:

Andrew was trying to tell me about something that happened at school and the girls kept talking. Finally he yelled " Quit Erupting me! "

Sara G:

My four year old says her voice is loose when she needs to clear her throat. She also says her heart is beaking. And one day when she was displeased with her older brother, she told him, "I'm gonna tell you like I tell my friends...I am not your friend and I will kick you in the face!"

Linda M:

My four year old granddaughter, Kalyn, accompanied me to the cemetery to put flowers on my parents' graves. I explained they were buried there when they died. She replied, "I sure would like to meet them. Can we dig them up."

So I hope you have had a good laugh at what other people's kids say.  What are some of the craziest things that have come out of your kid's mouths?  Please share them with us so we can keep the fun going.