When it comes to Halloween, especially trick or treating, we always think candy.  We have always wanted the biggest and best candy.  Then there was always the one house that gave out raisins or toothbrushes.  Heck we even had a house that gave out pennies.  I know we always wanted to avoid those houses but even back then, those people did have a good idea..  In today's world some kids can't tolerate candy and allergies prevent them from enjoying this holiday.  Have you ever considered giving something different?  Here are a few candy alternatives.


Glow Jewelry

Hey it's Halloween, it's dark, glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets, etc are awesome and fun and would be a great treat to give out.  Kids love them.

Funny Teeth

Funny teeth are a great alternative.  You can get Bubba teeth or even vampire teeth.  It's a night of dressing up so why not give out something to add a little flair.


Bubbles are always fun.  I still love sitting on the porch blowing bubbles with the kids.


Kids still love stickers, get some cool "in the now stickers" and hand those out on Halloween night.

Bouncy Balls

Again something to play with that bounces can keep kids busy.  Get a bunch of those small bouncy balls to give out on Halloween.

Temporary Tattoos

I know my son loves temporary tattoos.  They are fun and playful.

These are just a few items you can give out as a alternative to candy and are just as fun.  When you buy these items in bulk you might actually spend less on these items than you pay for candy.

Great places to get these fun items: Oriental Trading Company and Amazon.

If you are giving out treats that aren't food related then let everyone know by placing a pumpkin painted teal on your porch or hang up a flyer on your door or mailbox.