One of the fun things to do at Easter is dye Easter Eggs.  Yes, it can get messy but that is the fun of doing it.  Ethan and I love dying Easter Eggs each year!  In fact we will be decorating our eggs tonight or early tomorrow morning.

One of the ways to dye eggs is to go to your favorite store and pick up a Paas dying egg kit.  They come with the dipper, the color tablets, stickers and the wax crayon.  You provide the egg and vinegar and water.

Use food coloring to make your own dye

Want to get fancy with your eggs, here's how you can silk dye your eggs.

If you want to try dying your eggs naturally

Dying Eggs with Onion Skins

Tye Dye Your Easter Eggs

Now that you have a ton of ideas for great dyed Easter Eggs I would love to see photos of your eggs.  The best picture wins a $10 gift card.