Friday's are fun and exciting because it means the weekend is here.  The only catch?  You have to get through the workday to get to the weekend.  Today I hope these videos help you make the workday fly. 

You know those times you just want an snack and your mom won't let you have one, so you sneak into the kitchen and eat one.  Then when you think you've gotten away with it, you just might be caught by the evidence all over your face.

Do you remember the movie "Honeymooon in Vegas" that starred Nicolas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker, James Caan?  It was a movie that had what seemed like millions of Elvis impersonators.  Well a very young, 6-year old Bruno Mars was in that movie as a tiny Elvis.

Our last video today, fits right in with our Hide and Seek story earlier in the week.  I have found the answer, hide and seek doesn't make you anti-social, it just makes you sleepy.