As we come to a close on Season 13 of Dancing With The Stars tonight, it has turned into a 3-way race.
Last night was some of the best dancing of the season and all 3 of the finalists brought their A-game. Ricki Lake, Rob Kardashian and JR Martinez performed two dances each, including a free-style and all 3 brought down the house.

Although I am not a huge fan of all things Kardashian, it has been enjoyable watching Rob grown into his own during this show. In the beginning, he came across as somebody who really didn't want to be on the show and might have been doing it because he was "pushed" into it by mom, Kris. But, midway through the season he genuinely began to let loose and enjoy himself. He may have found his niche in the midst of his overshadowing sisters.

Thru the entire season, the front runners have been Riki and JR, swapping places at the top of the leader board, but last night was the first night that Rob took the top spot. This is still anybody's race to win, but Rob could be the dark horse in the competition.

In case you missed last nights show, here's how the scores look as we go into the 2-hour finale tonight.

Rob and Cheryl 57
Waltz 27, Freestyle 30
Riki and Derek 54
Cha Cha 27, Freestyle 27
JR and Karina 54
Cha Cha 24, Freestyle 30


In case you missed the show, here are their freestyle dances.



For the Finals tonight, each couple will perform their season 'favorite dance,' which will be ranked by the judges. After the rankings, the two highest ranked/scored couples (rankings + votes + Monday night’s scores) will have to perform an Instant Samba. And THAT will determine the Dancing with the Stars Season 13 winner!