Being originally from New England, I am used to a lot of cloudy days in a row and cold, cold temps in the winter time.

Compared to the onslaught of winter storms that the east coast received, I'd say that we fared far better here in Amarillo. But winter is winter and with it can come what some call Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

Here are some of the symptoms that can be attributed to SAD.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Social Withdrawal
  • Oversleeping
  • Weight Gain
  • Loss of Concentration
  • Craving foods high in carbs
  • Lack of interest in things you would normally enjoy

Sound familiar?

If so, here are some things that you can do to try and turn things around.

  • Make sure that your home gets some sun/daylight. Keeping the blinds open and sitting near windows (at work or at home) where you can see the daylight can help perk you up.
  • Exercise is always advisable. This can help relieve stress and anxiety and is always good for your health.
  • Try and get outside for your lunch hour. You could go for a walk or head over to Thompson Park and just soak up the rays. Some suggest that you should get outside for a little bit within the first two hours of waking up.
  • Keep in mind that everybody has a time or two that they may not feel up to the challenges of the day. But, if this 'feeling' continues for substantial period of time your best bet is to go see your Doctor.

The good news is we are on the back half of the winter months, Spring will be here before you know it.

Here is Dr. Ganz Farrance talking about the difference between SAD and a simple case of the 'winter blues.'


I hope some of these tips help you on your way to getting over or handling SAD a little bit better.