Over the last few years many stories have popped up everywhere about people and life support.   Terry Schiavo is the first name that comes to mind and one of the first huge battles when it comes to keeping someone alive or allowing them to pass.  That is where the rush for the Living Wills comes in, or at least making your wishes known to your loved ones.  However, how does that work when a person is being kept on life support to keep a baby alive in the womb? Against their wishes?A 33-year-old woman by the name of Marlise Munoz was found to be brain-dead after collapsing from an apparent blood clot in her lungs.

Her husband and parents decided to follow her wishes and take her off life support.  She did not want to be kept alive by machines.   Marlise Munoz, was 14 weeks pregnant at the time.  The hospital refused to remove Mrs. Munoz from life support.

Apparently there is a law in Texas that does not allow medical personnel to cut of life support from a pregnant patient.

Mrs. Munoz remains on life support.

So here we are with the debacle, the parents want to follow the wishes of their daughter and cut off her life support.  The hospital is legally bound to keep her alive because she is carrying a child.

So who is right?  What is the right decision?  The family wants to honor their daughter?  The hospital has to follow the law?

Does the family not want the child?  Would it be to much of a reminder?

I know this family is devastated by the loss of their wife and child, but wouldn't you want to do the best for your growing child/grandchild.

A blessing to come from a tragedy?