Did you take the kids to see Frozen?  It was a really great movie with really great songs.  I guess that is why they decided to re-release the movie in singalong version.


I wasn't sure when I took E to see the movie he would like it, but he loved it and is still singing the songs from the movie.

In fact, Frozen is up for 2 academy awards "Let It Go", performed by the incredible Indina Menzel who played the character Elsa, is nominated for Best Original Song, and the movie is up for Best Animated Feature.

So if you are ready to be in a theater watching a great movie with a bunch of kids singing their hearts out.  Then make plans to see Frozen: Sing-A-Long.

Disney's Frozen Sing-A-Long will be released on January 31st.

Unfortunately as far as I can tell from the local theater sites they don't have it listed as an upcoming release in Amarillo.

Hopefully that will change next week.