According to a survey, 65% of people don't take a lunch break.  I am one of those 65% who don't take a lunch break for the obvious reasons, I'm on air during lunch time.

I, however, usually bring my lunch and eat it while I'm working.  I know that isn't the best thing to be doing but it is what it is and I'm not the only one doing it.

A lot of people have a ton of work to do and taking that lunch break takes away time from that work, or they want to work through lunch to be able to go home earlier.  However, not taking a lunch break may actually slow down your progress on work.

That 30 minutes or an hour gives your body a chance to take a break and it gives you time to refuel by feeding your body and giving your brain a rest.  By taking that break you are more productive when you return to work that you would be if you worked right through because of that break.