I'm going to stop short of saying that men are pigs in general. We can do good things too.  BUT, I might be guilty of some of these.24studio asked 1,165 women about their partner's most annoying habits. Leaving the toilet seat up was the most annoying habit of men (54%) followed by leaving wet towels on the bed (23%) and leaving dirty laundry on the floor (15%). Other annoyances? Snoring, doing a bad job at a household chore, not replacing a toilet roll and refusing to ask for directions when lost.

But that's not all.

The more disgusting habits named included leaving toenail clippings around the house and drinking straight from the milk bottle.

There are some disgusting habits men do that are actually good for you.  These include:

  • Not Washing Hair Everyday.  Your scalp needs oils. Scrubbing it clean everyday can harm by drying the scalp out.
  • Burping. When you hold in gas, it can cause discomfort and could eventually come out a different place, if you know what I mean. But be discreet, guys.

There are more of these. Check out Menshealth.com for the full article.