Serious pet owners consider their four-legged companions to be more a part of the family than, well, many actual members of their family. That, at least, is what nine out of 10 pet owners said in a recent poll examining the American people and their furry little friends.

For most pet lovers, the bond between human and beast is so strong that 67 percent of them claim to share their beds with them at night. However, other pet owners draw the line at the bedroom door, saying they hardly ever let their pet sleep in bed with them.

A further look into the survey uncovered the following:

  • 60 percent of the American population has a pet of some sort. Two-thirds have dogs, half have cats, one in 10 has a fish, and another small percentage own a bird or some other animal.
  • Dog owners: 61 percent have one, 28 percent have two, and 11 percent reportedly have three or more running around the house.
  • Cat owners: 46 percent have one, one-third have a couple, and 22 percent have at least three.
  • When it comes to holiday presents, 31 percent put something under the tree for their pets.
  • 18 percent celebrate their pet’s birthday with a gift.
  • 19 percent dress up their pets.
  • 10 percent claim their pets have joined them on the job.

The survey was based on the answers of 2,634 U.S. adults.