I love pets!  Animals are amazing creatures.  Dogs are wonderful creatures.  They are loving, caring, and give you unconditional love.  Plus, they are very entertaining.  Dogs are smart creatures.  That's why when they do something out of the ordinary pet owners want to show them off.  Check out this golden retriever, he thinks he's an ambulance.

I swear I love this video.  I love how this dog just knows how to manipulate his voice.

I used to have a blue heeler when I was growing up.  His name was Flipper.  I named him Flipper because he would run off the porch (which was about 3ft high off the ground) and do a flip.  He did that from the time we got him when he was a puppy until he died.  He was a great dog, he'd entertain us with his flips, then he would go round up the cows.  Not only could the dog flip, we used to just howl at him and he would howl back.  We'd change our pitch and he would change his pitch.

Dogs are amazing creatures.  They make our lives rich.

Do you have a dog that does an amazing trick or does something with its voice.  We would love for you to share your awesome dog with us.