When the news of Michael Jackson's death started hitting the internet and news, most people thought it was false or couldn't be true.  But it was in fact true and the world lost a musical icon.  Dr. Conrad Murray the person allegedly responsible for the death of Michael Jackson will be going before a jury and standing trial for the death of the King of Pop.

At the conclusion of his preliminary hearing yesterday, Judge Michael Pastor ruled that there was enough evidence to prosecute Dr. Murray on one count of INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.

He also ordered Dr. Murray's medical license to be suspended immediately . . . saying, quote, "[The] overall consideration is the protection of the public. The continued practice by Dr. Murray does pose an imminent danger to the state of California."

Murray's arraignment, where he'll be formally charged and allowed to enter his plea, will take place on January 25th. He faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

(via Showbiz » The Complete Sheet » Wise Brother Media.)