Miley Cyrus unfollows Liam Hemsworth on Twitter, resulting in the world believing they have broken up!  Oh how far breakups have come over the years.  Here are a few ways we use to break up as opposed to now.

Back in the day, if you wanted to end a relationship with out confrontation, you had to get creative.  Here is a list of ways people could end relationships in the 1990's.

1. Face to face

2. Telephone Call

3. A letter

4. Through a friend

5. Ignoring them completely

In today's society, these are all still options; but thanks to social media, people are getting more and more creative.  Not only can you avoid face to face confrontation, but you can let the whole world see your business.  Here are some ways you can end a relationship in 2013.

1. Change your relationship status onFacebook

2. Tweet it

3. Send a text

4. Instagram a break up picture

5. Make a Vine video

6. YouTube a message

7. Write a blogexplaining your decision

8. Send your blog through Reddit and StumbleUpon

9. Send a picture message through Flickr

10. Send an email

The list goes on and on!  What is the funniest or meanest way you've ended a relationship?