It is amazing when you are introduced to something so awesome in your backyard.   Amarillo has so much to offer and I got to experience the beauty of something amazing.  This past weekend my son and I got to enjoy an authentic chuck wagon breakfast on the beautiful Los Cedros Ranch located on the rim of Palo Duro Canyon.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to enjoy a real chuck wagon breakfast?  You know the kind of breakfast a cowboy got to eat as they were crossing the Texas Plains driving cattle.

I always wondered and on Saturday Ethan and I got to experience a homemade chuck wagon breakfast.

When we arrived at the Los Cedros Ranch, about 7 1/2 miles south of the Claude Hwy on Pullman Rd, we were greeted by a cowboy on horseback telling us where we could park.  Once we got our car parked we were escorted to enjoy some authentic chuck wagon coffee and I must admit, I doctored it up with cream and sugar, I didn't drink it black like a real cowboy.

After that we were seated in the "Gathering Place" and were told stories of back in the day and how a real chuck wagon worked as well as how the chuck wagon was invented.

We were also serenaded by a cowboy and his guitar.

Then we were escorted over to the barn to learn about the horses and a little bit about cattle driving, then once that dinner bell (or breakfast bell) rang it was back to enjoy breakfast.

Breakfast consisted of blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, potatoes, fresh watermelon, brisket (apparently it is very tasty in the morning, I loved it), and the best darn biscuits you will ever eat.  All cooked over a camp fire and in dutch ovens.  Plus, once you topped those heavenly biscuits with homemade jam, oh my gosh!

On another note we also used antique silverware from the 1800's.

After breakfast we got to ask the cook and his hoodlum all sorts of questions.  It was quite entertaining and quite educational.

Once you finish breakfast you can opt in for a horseback ride into the Canyon to enjoy God's beauty.

Ethan and I didn't get to go on the horseback ride because he was to little, but we did get to enjoy a hike on the rim of the canyon.  We walked down a hiking trail where we got to enjoy nature and a side view of the Lighthouse.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and Ethan is still talking about it.

You can take part in this adventure as well, whether it be the chuck wagon breakfast of the chuck wagon dinner experience it now.

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