Our teenagers are inundated every day with drugs and alcohol whether it be from peers, TV, music or the internet.  The one way to keep our kids from buckling under the pressure and experimenting with drugs is to talk to them and educated them about the consequences.  That is where Impact Futures comes into the picture.


Impact Futures is a group of 81 members of various sectors of the community including law enforcement, parents, schools, businesses, local government, mental health, religious, and other individuals and organizations working together to reduce substance abuse among teenagers in our area.

Impact Futures has a special event coming up this Saturday.  Teens from local high schools across the area will be presenting their artwork.  Artwork that tells how they are standing Above the Influence.

Make plans to attend to enjoy these expressions of art across a large canvas.  Canvases from Amarillo High School, Caprock High School, Palo Duro High School, Tascosa High School, River Road High School, North Heights, and AACAL.

Plus enjoy live DJ music and special "live art" exhibit.

Join this wonderful cause and help to keep our kids Above the Influence.

What: Teen Expression Art Above the Influence

Where: Texas Academy of Performing Arts inside Sunset Center (Plains Blvd.)

When: Saturday, February 2nd - 2-5pm

Cost: Free

Live Music from the band Alice and a live DJ

At some point in our lives we have all had someone who has been ravaged by drug addiction.  It destroys families, relationships and lives.  Let's help out this great cause and help get the word out to stay Above the Influence.