You hear it from artists all the time about how they got rejected by the music executives.  Even on this week's past episodes of American Idol you hear Steven, Randy and Jennifer say that they were rejected as well.  No One is safe not even Madonna.

A letter has surfaced, in which a record label president named Jimmy Ienner rejected Madonna. He said, quote, "I enjoyed listening to Madonna. The production, arrangements and she are very strong. The direction is a good one."

--He added that he liked some of the songs she sang, but said that he, quote, "did not like 'Love on the Run' at all."

--He concluded that he "did not feel that [Madonna] is ready yet" . . . but did say that he does, quote, "hear the basis for a strong artist. I will pass for now, but I will wait for more."

--Well, that didn't happen. Two years later, in 1983, Madonna released her debut album on Sire records . . . and then, you know, she went on to become one of the most iconic female pop artists EVER.

You can see and read the entire letter here.

(via Showbiz » The Complete Sheet » Wise Brother Media.)