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Alamo Drafthouse

June 11 – HUD in Claude, Texas
Railroad Tracks – 2nd St & Trice St, Claude, TX 79019
Paul Newman stars as Hud Bannon, the arrogant son of a Texas rancher whose family and livelihood are torn apart by circumstance and long-held resentments.

Although well into adulthood, Hud is still sowing wild oats, spending most of his time drinking, fighting, seducing women and pulling reckless stunts in his Cadillac – usually while driving over the train tracks.



The Biggest State (of the lower 48) Gets the Biggest

Outdoor Screening Tour in the World

Austin, TexasMay 16, 2011–The Alamo Drafthouse and Texas Monthly today announced their collaboration for the 2011 Rolling Roadshow, marking the first all-Texas tour of free outdoor 35mm screening experiences pairing famous movies with famous places. This year the Alamo Drafthouse and Texas Monthly joined forces to celebrate film in the Lone Star state by tapping into Texas’ rich production history to celebrate the ten best Texas films and screen them in the iconic locations where either they were filmed or in a thematic setting.

First, for a feature entitled “No Country for Bad Movies” in its June issue, Texas Monthly brought together five experts, including Alamo Drafthouse CEO/Founder Tim League, to debate the ten greatest Texas movies of all time. After a long and fascinating argument, the panel settled on a list, which then became the basis of the Alamo Drafthouse’s 2011 Rolling Roadshow. This unique partnership of a magazine story and a month-long tour will provide moviegoers with an unprecedented cinema experience in a state with a rich film history. This year’s Rolling Roadshow will bring audiences into contact with all corners of Texas, a state with a distinct cultural identity and varied backdrops that have been featured in some of the greatest films of all time. The screenings will showcase the many aspects of Texas, including small-town America (The Last Picture Show), renegade playground (Bonnie and Clyde), contemporary Western (No Country for Old Men), classic Western (The Searchers), creepy rural (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and more.

“Ever since we started doing the Rolling Roadshow I always wanted to take advantage of our state’s incredible history of production and diverse locales by choosing a Texas theme for the tour.  The challenge was narrowing the films down to just ten,” said Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse Founder/CEO. “Texas iconography is very much at the heart of the Alamo Drafthouse, and I’m excited to share our enthusiasm for Texas film with moviegoers this summer.”

“The partnership with Alamo was a perfect fit,” says Texas Monthly editor Jake Silverstein. “I’m constantly looking for ways to bring our knowledge and love of Texas off the page and use it to create experiences for readers beyond the magazine. With the Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow we were able to design a dynamic event that starts with reading a story in a magazine and ends with an extremely fun road trip all over the state. Plus, the Alamo’s Rolling Roadshow is one of my favorite annual events, so I was happy to find a way to keep it here in our backyard this year.”

All Rolling Roadshow screenings are FREE and open to the public. The full screening lineup is below and details are available at www.drafthouse.com/texasfilms and www.texasmonthly.com/texasfilms.