September 7, 2013 | 7:00 pm - 11:55 pm
12 & 15
The Party Room
3501 SW 45th, Amarillo, TX 79109 United States

Additional Information

The Bud Light Platinum Laugh Out Loud Comedy Showcase is back September 7th at the Party Room (behind Abuelos). The headliner for the show will be Roderick McDaniel also featuring Eric DeLeon.


$12 In Advance and $15 The Day Of The Show - Tickets available at 6214 W34th Mon-Fri between 9 and 5 oclock. 806-355-9777.


Two shows. 7:00 and 9:30


The Party Room - 3501 SW 45th 79109

Roderick McDaniel

Roderick McDaniel has never been called the King of Pop and been caught with little kids. He has never pee’d on an underage girl. He has never been known as the greatest rapper to get killed before his time. But he has made fun all of those situations.

He isn’t that drunken guy that you meet at a party that thinks he’s funny. He actually has the chops to make you laugh continually. He may still be a raging drunk but he does make you laugh. Actually he’s not a drunk; he’s a lightweight that can’t drink more than one beer without singing Culture Club hits.

He has performed with a wide variety of artist from Carl LaBove, Rob Little, Jeff Burghart, Tommy Drake, Janet “the Tennessee Tramp” Williams, all the way to the late, great Kelly Moran. He learned at the feet of many great touring comics and took what he learned on the road. He also performed with a bum behind a convenience store on his self proclaimed “comedy cataclysm tour”! Due to silence clauses set by the lawyers, we can’t discuss the terms of that tour. Basically, Roderick is not a guy who is easily forgotten.

The next goal is to take comedy to the world. His desire is to perform for everybody. Black, White, Brown or Purple; he doesn’t care who it is he just wants to make people laugh. Roderick’s comedy bridges the differences that separate us and show us that we are all the same – screwed up individuals in need of a good time. Whether he is discussing whether his Black/Mexican children are Blexicans or Mexi-lax (He thinks Mexi-lax is a Spanish poop pill) to the merits of playing gay to get out of a fight; he just makes you want to laugh. With the release of his new CD, “Live from the 806”, the plan to entertain the world has now been kicked into overdrive.

Eric DeLeon

Eric DeLeon has been in stand-up for over four years, performing all over Texas in venues ranging from country bars and dance clubs to roller derby rinks and cage fights. Paying dues on the road and performing for all types of audiences, DeLeon brings his personal tales of awkwardness to the stage.

Working a mostly clean act, DeLeon draws from embarrassing situations that all can relate to, but most won't admit to. DeLeon competed in the 2010 & 2011 NBC Standup For Diversity Competition.

He was a five-time winner at the "So You Think You're Funny?" competition at The Velvet Room in Midland, TX, and he has opened for several pro comics including Kristen Key from VH1 and NBC and MTV's Steve-O . DeLeon has been featured on the tv shows, Good Day Lubbock on FOX 34 in Lubbock and FOX Live on KXVA FOX Abilene/San Angelo. He has also been a featured guest on radio stations, Real Rock 98.9 in Snyder, 91.1 KGWB Western Texas College & Magic 93.7 in Lubbock.