Tascosa Belles to Hold a Mini Camp
If you have a child who loves to dance and would love to know what it would be like to be a part of a drill/dance team, then get them registered to attend the Tascosa Belles Mini Camp.
Frozen Characters Dance the Macarena, Thriller and More!
So I guess you can say the Frozen craze has gone to far.  Seriously, let it go already (see did you catch that).  OK it was a cute movie but it is everywhere and now someone has taken the characters and made them dance.  DANCE! I say.   Check out these crazy videos.
Bret Michaels Releases a Dance Track
Wait, what?  Bret Michaels releases a dance track.  Bret Michaels from Poison?  Rock of Love Bret Michaels?  Yes, sadly that one,  released a dance track.  I must admit it was a shake my head moment.

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