I remember growing up my Meme was amazing in the kitchen.  She was the greatest baker.  She made the most amazing cakes, from birthday to wedding, she could do it all.  Not to mention the best pies ever.  However each and every Christmas that woman would spend hours upon hours in the kitchen making Christmas Candy.

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My Meme would make homemade chocolate covered cherries, peanut brittle, peanut butter cups, haystacks, pecan clusters and divinity.  Her divinity was the most amazing I have ever head, and that was one recipe I never could get right no matter how hard I try.  In her later years she could no longer make her special treats and this will be my 3rd Christmas without her, but I will have such amazing fond memories of those delicious treats.  I am also thankful she taught me how to make most of her treats and to this day, I still cannot perfect her divinity.

So as I remember my fond memories of my Meme's candy, what is your favorite Christmas Candy?