Some people are timeless and she just happens to be one of them.

1952 - NBC's "Today" show premiered. It was created by SIGOURNEY WEAVER'S dad.

1954 - MARILYN MONROE married her second husband, baseball legend JOE DIMAGGIO.  They divorced in October.

--Marilyn Monroe went on to marry Arthur Miller, playwright of "Death Of A Salesman", and died in 1962 from a drug overdose. DiMaggio STILL had roses sent to her grave three times a week for 20 years.

1968 - The Green Bay Packers won SUPER BOWL 2 . . . beating the Oakland Raiders 33-14. Green Bay's quarterback, BART STARR, was the game's MVP. TICKETS COST $12.

1970 - DIANA ROSS & THE SUPREMES played their final show together, at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas.

1972 - "Sanford & Son" premiered on NBC.

1973 - The MIAMI DOLPHINS beat the Washington Redskins 14-7 at SUPER BOWL 7 . . . becoming the first and only team to end the season with a PERFECT RECORD.

1976 - The original "Bionic Woman" premiered on ABC, starring LINDSAY WAGNER.

1986 - DONNA REED died at the age of 64.

1990 - "America's Funniest Home Videos" premiered on ABC.

1990 - "The Simpsons" officially kicked off its first season on Fox.

1993 - DAVID LETTERMAN announced that he was leaving NBC for CBS.

1994 - "Death Wish 5: The Face Of Death" was released . . . straight to video . . . starring a 73-year-old CHARLES BRONSON!!!

2000 - "Girl Interrupted" was released . . . starring WINONA RYDER and ANGELINA JOLIE.

2004 - RON O'NEAL, THE star of "Super Fly", died of pancreatic cancer at 66. "Super Fly" is the CLASSIC blaxploitation flick about a drug dealer going for one last big score so he can retire. The soundtrack by CURTIS MAYFIELD is INTENSE.

2006 - EMINEM remarried his ex-wife, KIM MATHERS . . . with D12 member PROOF as his best man.

2006 - Succulent old-school chubby SHELLY WINTERS died of heart failure at the age of 85 . . . just 10 hours after getting married.

2009 - "Fantasy Island" superstar RICARDO MONTALBAN died at the age of 88.

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