The cold weather is slowly creeping upon us and will be at full speed in no time. Nothing is worse than being caught with a dead battery in 28 degree weather. Is your car ready for the low temps?

  • Check Your Antifreeze Levels

    As a female, I really don't know a whole lot about cars, but I do know that your car needs to have the correct level of antifreeze. Without antifreeze, the water that cools your engine can freeze and cause all kinds of problems. So this is a very important step. You can get some antifreeze at most stores like Walmart. But if you are someone like me who has no idea what the heck to do, stop by any auto shop around town and they can help make sure your car is where it needs to be.
  • Check Your Battery

    Nothing is worse than being out in the cold freezing temperatures with a dead battery. Most batteries last between 3-5 years. The best thing to do is have it checked out before the temperatures get horrible. AutoZone offers free testing and recycling on all car batteries. Better to get it done now then have to be stranded in the cold.
  • Check Your Tire Pressure

    Tires are a very important feature on your car. They are like the shoes of your vehicle. You wouldn't want to be out in the snow and ice with some horrible shoes and neither would your car. If your tires are low then you won't get much traction. This is a real simple check. Go to any auto store like Napa or AutoZone and buy a tire pressure gauge. Place the gauge on the tire's valve stem and press down. Most passenger vehicles need a psi of 32-35 but each vehicle is different. To find yours, look at the sticker on the inside of the driver's side door panel. It is usually written there; if not you can find the correct psi in the owner's manual.

  • Check Wiper Blades

    The cold wintery weather usually does a number on your wiper blades. They can crack and break and just imagine if they are already damaged. Start the winter off with a good set of wiper blades. You need to see, especially in dangerous conditions, and a good set of wipers can save your life. Another good tip is to buy some windshield washer fluid that contains deicer in it. This will do wonders. I bought it last year and loved it.
  • Prepare An Emergency Kit

    Now a days most everyone has a cell phone so we are able to call for help right away. But sometimes the conditions are so horrible that it takes a while for help to come or your phone is dead or you can't get service. It is always a good idea to have an emergency kit handy. Here are a few things to include. A Blanket: just for extra warmth, especially if you have kiddos. Snacks that won't go bad: crackers or beef jerky work well. Bottled Water: self explanatory. 1st Aid kit: just in case its needed. Work Gloves and a small shovel And I always make sure to have Kitty Liter:If you're stuck, you can put this under your tires for extra traction. And if you have kids, I'd put books or some kind of travel game in for entertainment.