The Golden Globes awarded their winners for the best TV and movies last night.  As usual half of those movies were not seen my normal people.  However, after watching here are the movies I want to see that were either nominated or won a Golden Globe.

Boyhood - Rated R - Golden Globe for Best Director, Best Drama, Best Supporting Actress

This was a movie penned and directed by Richard Linklater (for my generation, he gave us Dazed and Confused).  He made this movie over 12 years.  This is one of the reasons I want to see this movie.  The cast and crew had to be dedicated to this project since it did take 12 years to make. The movie starred Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette.

The movie was released in July of 2014 in limited theater release then nationwide in August.

Birdman- Rated R - Golden Globe for Best Actor Michael Keaton, Best Movie Comedy or Musical, Best Screenplay and Best Score.

I have always been a fan of Michael Keaton and Edward Norton.  Michael has kind of fallen off the face of Hollywood recently, and now he's back.  I hope to see more of him in the future but for now I really want to see this movie.

It was released in October in limited release and nationwide in November.

St. Vincent - Rated PG-13 - Golden Globe Nominee

This looks like a great movie just because it surrounds a single mom and a old guy who has a bottle for family.  So this opens his world as well as the boys.

Is there a Golden Globe movie you have been wanting to see? Let us know!