I have this problem that I have run into when it comes to my TV viewing.  I will get into a show and it will be a great show and the next thing I know it is being canceled.  That's is what happened again last night.

So the "season finale" of Life Unexpected on the CW was last night.  I say "season finale," but I know it was the series finale.  It had to have been.  Even though the CW says it was season there are too many clues that it was the end.  First off, what show has it season finale in January when all the shows are coming back.  Also, what kind of season finale is it when it fast fowards 2 years at the end of the show and all loose ends are tied up?  Not only that:

Warner has officially announced Life Unexpected - The Complete Series, scheduling it to be available on April 5th.

(via Life Unexpected DVD news: Announcement for Life Unexpected - The Complete Series | TVShowsOnDVD.com.)

To me that is a series finale.

Other great shows that I have fallen in love with that have been given the kiss of death.

Mercy, Dollhouse, Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Forgotten, Trauma,

And works of genius, Swingtown, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and back in the 90's the one that got canceled that broke my heart My So-Called Life.

I look at all the new shows coming out this season and I'm afraid to watch any of them in fear that they will be canceled 1-year into it and we never find out what happened to the characters like they did with Las Vegas.