It doesn't seem like it's been almost a year since the last Grammy Awards show, but it is. The 55th Annual Grammy Awards will take place this Sunday on CBS starting at 7pm on CBS.

I remember Adele walking away with 6 awards. Also, there was some Cirque Du Soleil thing that went down, leaving me scratching me head going, 'huh?'

Usually around award time you will find lots of surveys where your asked to pick the winners, but I thought we would so something a little bit different. I have provided the big categories and the nominees, but what I would like you to do is to pick who YOU want to win, not who you think will.

Our survey will be up until 7pm on Sunday night, that way we will have all the votes in before the show starts. Then, next week I'll reveal the winners you choose and compare them to who won on the show.

With that said, 'the nominees are........."