This years Grammys didn't have too much drama or controversy, but there were a few moments that were surprising.

The Stumble goes to Christina Aguilera, who just one-week earlier, forgot the words to the National Anthem. She almost regained some R-E-S-P-E-C-T  with her performance during the Aretha Franklin tribute, but at the end pulls a Mariah Carey and slips on the stage (standing still).

One of the big fumbles goes out to Eminem, who was up for ten Grammys. It looked like it would have been the night that the  recovered rapper would be taking home a lot of trophies, but he walked away with only two.

Some other highlights from last nights award show:

Mick Jagger sounding and strutting  his best with a tribute to Solomon Burke.

Bruno Mars with a doo-wop rendition of "Grenade."

Kris Kristofferson sounded like his voice was going to give out before the end of his introduction of Barbara Streisand, who was at her vocal best.

Lady Gaga, who hatched from an egg during her performance of "Born This Way," came under attack by critics, not for the stunt, but for her song sounding very close to Madonna's "Express Yourself."

Gotta give props to Cee Lo Green. Not for inviting Gwyneth Paltrow to sing with him or for having the Muppetts backing him up on stage. But for his homage to Elton John or the newly retired NBC Peacock logo costume. (Hey, Cee Lo! Elton John called and wants his outfit back).

The big grumble last night goes out to Justin Bieber. His performance with Usher and Jaden Smith was top-notch. The grumble was him loosing out on the Best New Artist Award to a 26-year old, relatively unknown, Esperanza Spalding.

What was your worst/favorite Grammy moment from last night?

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