Santa is a busy guy and he does a great job of stuffing stockings, but it is also fun to add a few little extra things in the stockings.  You can customize the stocking stuffers to the individual person.  So what make the best stocking stuffers?  Here's a few great ideas.


Candy or Snacks

Just stuff the stocking with some of their favorite candy or snacks.  For me I would be in heaven if I had a stocking full of white Tic Tacs, almonds and mint chocolate chip gum.

Lottery Tickets

Hey a stocking full of chance is great.  Who doesn't want a chance to win $100 on a scratch off.


Fun furry socks for women, the cute multicolored socks for the younger kids, and for the guys, well let’s just say go with your gut.  There is just something fun about socks to put on your feet to keep them warm.

Lip Balm

Pick out their favorite lip balm and stick it in the stocking.  I don't know about you but I love my lip balms.  I usually get the tinted lip balm because it makes a great lipstick.  However, pick out the favorite of your person.

Gift Cards

Here's the perfect place to put the lower denomination gift cards.  Just get them a $5 gift card to their favorite place.

Pocket Games

These are always fun.  They are small and portable and easy to play.

Pens and Stationery Type Stuff

Pens, small note pads, post its.  I love markers and Post Its.  I love to leave little notes around so pens and post its are cool stocking stuffers.

So what's in your stockings on Christmas morning?  What little additions do you add?