So Grey's Anatomy comes back from their hiatus with one episode and then goes away for another two weeks, same thing with Private Practice.  Every Thursday I get excited then bummed when I see repeat on my TV.  Hopefully soon I'll see new episode.  I ran across an article,  apparently sometime this season the two will come together once again when Kate Walsh returns to Seattle Grace but I'm not sure I'm going to like this one.

Details are sketchy, but I’m told that Addison will be summoned to Seattle Grace in the March 31 musical-themed episode for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis. You don’t need a PhD in Common Sense to figure out that the Code Red in question will likely involve Callie and Mark’s unborn tyke. And considering this is the much-talked-about musical episode, it’s also safe to assume that Callie’s calamity serves as the impetus for all the singing.

(via Kate Walsh Returns to Grey's Anatomy.)

Really!?! A musical themed episode.  Is Grey's Anatomy really going there.  Does this mean Eric Dane (McSteamy) and Kate Walsh (Addison) will break into song.  Talk about jumping the shark.  I hope this isn't true.