I was 3 years old when MTV debuted.  It was 30 years ago today that the first music video launched on Music Television. MTV launched August 1, 1981 at 12:01am with The Buggles and Video Killed the Radio Star (I know that date and time because the debut of MTV was one of the things that was beat into my head other than my social security number during college).


I loved MTV as a kid, I was allowed 1 hour of MTV per day so I had to chose wisely.  I usually watched the top 10 count down each afternoon.  I loved watching music videos, at the time, I was a huge Poison fan so of course those were always my favorite.

Ahh and the VJ's, yes, the video jocks, Martha Quinn, Adam Curry, Riki Rachtman, and Downtown Julie Brown.

Who didn't love their crazy programming.  I loved watching Remote Control, the game show that introduced us to Colin Quinn and Adam Sandler.    Just Say Julie, and Totally Pauly, the show that gave us the weasel, Pauly Shore, were other great MTV shows.  These shows were funny, but they tied in music videos.  The whole point of MTV, music videos.

Then as time moved on, MTV introduced The Real World and that was the beginning of the end for the music video.  Don't get me wrong it was a genius move in programming and the only of its kind at the time, but it opened up the door for reality TV and reality TV killed the video star.

So Happy Birthday MTV, please bring the music videos back!