Barbara Millecent Roberts was born back on this day in 1959 and back on this day was a start of a relationship with every little girl that met her from then on.

Barbie is pretty.  Barbie has her own dream house, car, pool, man, van, and you could go on about all things Barbie.

Barbie is blonde, brunette, blue-eyed, brown-eyed, green-eyed, dark skinned and light skinned.

Barbie is the epitome of every woman and the dream of every little girl.

I grew up with Barbies, they were my favorite.  I remember specifically Barbie's Bubble Bath.  It was a pink bath tub that you fill with water and special bubble bath, and you push a manual pump and it would bubble everywhere.

I also had a Twist Hair Barbie, it was a Barbie with long hair down to her ankles.  It came with a little hair machine that you would squeeze a button and it would twist her hair.

However, my favorite Barbie dolls were the ones that my grandmother gave to me to play with, the ones from the 60's.  They were awesome!

So Happy Birthday Barbie, I hope you are loving life!

What are your favorite Barbie memories?