Today is the official first day of May!  May is an awesome month because of several reasons so here is why I love May!

May Day got it's beginnings in ancient times.  It was and still is in some parts a holiday.

According to InfoPlease:

May 1st, often called May Day, just might have more holidays than any other day of the year. It's a celebration of Spring. It's a day of political protests. It's a neopagan festival, a saint's feast day, and a day for organized labor. In many countries, it is a national holiday.

Whatever the day signifies for me it is the start of something special and here is why I love May!


I know they start blooming in March/April but they are really beautiful in May before the sun starts to beat down on them and turn them to crisps.



May is the start of a new beginning for some young people.  It is the end of high school and the start of college, or it's the end of college and the start of life.  Either way it is another reason why I love May, new beginnings.


School's Out for Summer!

Summer Vacation Plans!

May is when we start thinking about our Summer Vacation Plans.  When the family is going on vacation, lake trips, camping trips, etc.


and my most favorite thing about May.

The Children's Miracle Network Celebration!

It will be Thursday, May 31st and Friday, June 1st this year.  Join Murphy, Sam and Jodi, myself, and Rick Andrews Live from BSA Hospital.  We will introduce you to some AWESOME kids and how CMN has helped them!


What is your favorite thing about May?