As a society we love our pets, they are like children.   Most pet owners love to keep their pets groomed.  Since most people don't know how to keep their pets groomed and trimmed they take them to a groomer.  Pet owners trust their groomers as they do their vets.  That is why this story is so heartbreaking.  Groomers at a PetCo in Hawaii  cut off a dog's ear then glue it back on to cover up their mistake.  This wasn't the first incident of this groomer cutting off a pet's body part.

I do not understand why the groomers did not mention the incident to the owners. I figure that they were afraid of a lawsuit, however, they now have a lawsuit against them.

What is sad is that this little dog's ear could have been saved. It breaks my heart for the pet and owner.

I guess the question remains, are these groomers licensed? People make mistakes but to have it happen multiple times at the same groomer, something is not right.

Hopefully the families of these injured pets will find justice.