A few years ago, (OK, probably 6 years), I bought a friends little girl a hermit crab for her birthday.  She had been talking about hermit crabs forever and I thought, hey it's a hermit crab and they are really easy to care for when it comes to the caged animal species.  However, the sad phone call I received 2 weeks later broke my heart.

What they didn't know is that in order to survive hermit crabs have to be able to move out of their current shells into new ones as they grow.    A simple fact I forgot to pass on when I gave the hermit crab as a gift.  A hermit crab needs a big enough shell to live.

So I learned two interesting lessons.  One: never give a another persons kid a pet no matter how easy it is to take care of and, Two: if you do give a hermit crab as a gift also give a bag of shells in different sizes.

So what made me think of this story?  I found this video today of a hermit crab moving into a shell made entirely of Legos and I thought it would be cool to share.