The High Plains Food Bank helps provide food for over 29 counties in the Texas Panhandle.   They are always in need of food donation, however, they are in need of something a little different.  They need your help in collecting something you probably just throw away, egg cartons.

High Plains Food Bank

By donating your old egg cartons you can help save the HPFB $4500.  That money could help feed more people.

They receive the eggs in bulk and they have to put the eggs in smaller containers and if they don't have those smaller containers they have to purchase them.

So they are looking for cartons in all sizes 12, 18, 24 and 36

So I challenge you to start saving your cartons and as your pile of cartons grow you can drop them off at the following locations:

High Plains Food Bank at 1815 S. Ross.


Our studios at 6214 W. 34th during regular business hours M-F 9-5p