The other day read a blog from the High Plains Food Bank's Broc Carter, and I will say this blog touched my heart.  Do you know what hunger looks like?  Can you honestly say you know what the face of hunger looks like?  I couldn't.  I could not tell you what that face was until I saw the video that Broc put together.  It touched my heart in more ways that one can understand.  Hunger has a face and this face doesn't look much different than yours or mine except that this face has felt the pangs of hunger and lived with the knowledge that they may not have food to eat tomorrow, next week or next month.  Penny is the face of hunger in the Texas Panhandle.

This is only one face of hunger, there are thousands more in the Texas Panhandle just like Penny.  I know every time I sit down to a meal with my family I think of Penny and even pray for Penny.

How will you help the face of hunger in the Texas Panhandle today?

The High Plains Food Bank is currently in need of turkey's for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.  Just because you cannot afford food doesn't mean you should go without Thanksgiving.

The  High Plains Food Bank has received several turkeys over the last week but they need thousands more.

Turkey's are just one of the many immediate needs of the HPFB, they are also in immediate need of the following items:

Green Beans

Canned Soups

Canned Mixed Vegetables

1-5lbs Bagged Rice

Sweet Peas

You can drop your donations off at the High Plains Food Bank at 815 Ross Street.  All frozen turkeys must be dropped off at the High Plains Food Bank

You can also make a secure monetary donation to the High Plains Food Bank online here.

All non-perishable food donation items can also be dropped off at our studios at 6214 W. 34th during regular business hours M-F 9-5p.

Help us fight hunger here in the Texas Panhandle!