I know Hollywood has interesting ways of selling advertising.  Maybe it is a character holding a Coke product or they drive by a billboard for a restaurant, or they are using a specific type of computer on screen.  I understand it's a way of making money.  However, I didn't realize they were taking it another step further and digitally altering shows from years ago.


Apparently, that happened on an re-run episode of How I Met Your Mother from 2007.

Click Here to see the picture This is a screen shot of an episode that was shown on a re-run.

Click Here to see the original episode. This is the original episode.

They can digitally insert anything.  I have never really paid much attention when watching re-runs, but I can guarantee the next time I'm watching an re-run of Friends, I will be paying attention.  I don't know if they would do it with sitcoms from the 90's but apparently they are doing it with shows that have ran in the last couple of years.

It would be funny, if Andy and Opie were carrying Zebcos in the opening of the Andy Griffith Show.  You watch, it'll probably come to that one day.