I was going through some old video tapes recently and discovered a biography that aired on the Bio Channel. I had taped this back in 1999 and it was produced by the BBC. Since growing up in Maine, Bangor to be exact, I always enjoy watching things about the writer or anything else that pertains to Maine. In a way it kind of takes me back home but, never did I realize that I would SEE MY HOME on TV.

I have mentioned before that my first radio gig was working at Z-62 in Bangor, Maine. Originally the station was owned by NBC, then sold to Acton Communications out of Acton, Mass until finally Stephen King bought it and changed it to WZON - 'The Rock & Roll Zone.' Over my close to four years working there, I had met Stephen a few times, but I'm sure he wouldn't remember me if we passed on the street or if I tried to call him up to say 'Hi.' But, he always was very nice to me and on the occasions that we did meet we had nice chats.

It still came as a shock when I was watching this bio on Stephen that at almost seven minutes into the show, I saw the house I grew up in. They camera was doing some flyover camera shots over the town and then some quick cuts of different places and 'BOOM!' there it was.

Here is part one of the four part bio called: Stephen King - Shinning In The Dark.

Someday if I ever get a chance to see or speak to Stephen again I need to ask him,  'what made the producers pick my house for one of the places that defined Bangor?'