So last night E and I had just finished dinner and were working on homework.  He asked me what was for dessert, and I said I don't know.  Then I had a moment and I ran across something on Pinterest ages ago.  So here's what we did.First of all I made my way to the kitchen.  I pulled the half and half out of the fridge.  The sugar, vanilla and Ziplocs out of the cabinet.

I grabbed the ice out of the freezer and it took me a bit but I found a box of rock salt.

Pour 1/2c of Half and Half into a bowl, add 2 T. of sugar (I added more), 1/2 t of vanilla (again I love vanilla and added 3x that amount).  Mix it together and pour it into a pint size ziploc bag seal the bag.

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In a gallon size Ziploc fill it half way full of ice then add 1/2 c. of Rock Salt.  Place the pint size bag of liquid into the gallon bag then close the gallon bag and start shaking.  I let E. shake the bag until it got too cold for his little hands.

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I was told it takes 5 minutes but 10 is probably how long it will take being shaken to turn to thick ice cream.  I'll be honest I didn't shake it long enough as you can tell by the picture below, but the bag gets cold.  So I would suggest gloves when you shake it.

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Once the liquid is frozen, scoop into a bowl and voila, ice cream.

It was GOOD!