I have been sitting on this once since last week.  However, the more I think about it the more irritated I get.  I went to a local fast food restaurant the other day and let me just say, the customer service was horrible.

It was after a busy day and I let my child choose where he wanted to eat.  Mind you I don't go to fast food restaurants very often so it is not as if this was going to damage him in anyway.  So we opted to go through the drive thru of his chosen restaurant.

We were out later than usual and bed time was in an hour and a half, so I thought OK something quick and easy.

So we pull up and put in our simple order.  Two kids meals one with a cheeseburger one with chicken nuggets, nothing big. Yes, I opted for a kid's meal.

So we put our order in at 6:22pm.  Then we sit there in line.  There were  2 cars in front of us when we pulled up.  So we kept waiting.  I wasn't really keeping track of time, but I noticed it was taking longer than usual.  So I checked the time, 6:34 pm.  So we had sit here a little over 12 minutes.  HMM.

So that's when I noticed, one car in front of us was in that please pull forward position and we'll bring your food to you.  Then a car in front of me.

6:38pm the car in front of me pulled away angrily, then another car behind me followed suit.

I decided to be patient and pulled up, when I pulled up I saw two employees standing there just talking and laughing.

Then the girl came to the window and took my payment, that will be $20.58.  Excuse me, I said, I ordered two kids meals.  She looked at me, and asked, did someone leave?  REALLY?

"What did you order," she asked.  Again, REALLY?!?!

She took my card, then walked to the back of the restaurant card still in hand.  That in itself freaked me out.

Then she came back and told me that one of the drinks I ordered was out.  OK I'm fed up by now.

I patiently waited a few more minutes for my simple kids meals.

Finally, at 6:48pm we pulled out of the drive thru and headed home.

As always, as I'm sure you do, we decided to sample a french fry. Cold. As. Ice.

You would think that after 26 minutes at least the fries would have been piping hot.

I contacted the corporate offices of the restaurant to tell them about the horrible service that I received that night (I normally don't do this), and how many ticked off customers drove off.

I got the generic response, thank you for contacting us, your concerns have been delivered to the appropriate people.

I have yet to hear another word.

I try to avoid this certain location of this fast food restaurant at all costs because every time I go the service is HORRIBLE.  However, I left it up to my 6-year old to choose.

I looked at him after this experience and said never again.

So what happened to good customer service?  I know these employees of this particular restaurant expect good service when they go out, so why don't they feel they need to bring top service to the customers they serve?

Ugh!  It is just so frustrating.