I was all about this movie from the beginning, from whispers of it being made to the first trailer release to the actual movie.  I mean it is Adam Sandler and even his worst movies are still funny.  Over the weekend Ethan and I went to the theater to see Hotel Transylvania.


It was a great movie.  The movie opens with Count Dracula raising his young daughter alone after his wife was killed by humans.  However, don't worry it is not a tearjerker like the first 5 minutes of Up.  It is full of cute laughs in teh beginning.  Then we find out that count is building a special hotel for monsters to keep them safe from humans.

Fast forward to present day when Mavis Dracula is about to celebrate her 118th birthday.  She is ready to spread her wings and fly and explore what the world has to offer instead of being stuck in a castle.

All of the friends for Count Dracula make a special trip to Hotel Transylvania to celebrate Mavis' birthday.  All the monsters of all the tales we have grown up hearing.  The Wolf man voiced by Steve Buscemi, his wife Wanda, voiced by Molly Shannon and his liter of wolf pups.  Followed by Frankenstein,  voiced by Kevin James, and Bride of Frankenstein Eunice who is the nag of the bunched voiced by none other than Fran Dresher.  Without his glasses you would never know that the Invisible Man, Griffin, was in the hotel.  Griffin is voiced by David Spade.  Then enter in a sandstorm the Mummy voiced by Cee Lo Green.   All of these monsters have been around an helped raise Mavis.

Dracula has always been proud of the fact that no human has ever stepped in Hotel Transylvania, until Jonathan,  steps in the front door.  Immediately Dracula does his best to hide the fact that there is a human in his hotel.  Then he meets Mavis and it is love at first sight.

Overall this is a kid and adult friendly movie.  A few of the parts may scare small children including Dracula showing his angry face and the angry human mob.

It teaches us about growing up and moving on and not to judge the actions of a few people because in the end you could be missing out on great experiences and friends.

The movie is rate PG for rude humor, action and scary sequences.