We are mixing things up here at Mix 94.1 and I will be going out and about trying to learn new things.  Welcome to Mixing it Up with Lori. The other day I had the privilege of visiting D'Vine Wine in Wolflin Village.  I was curious as to how they make their wine.  Last I checked I didn't see a vineyard in Wolflin Village so we were able to find out, how they bottle their wine and how it is made.

I thought this was a great idea. I am not a wine expert.  I know what I like and I know what I don't like.  I don't have a refined palate, but what I just learned about the process is amazing.

I will admit, the black cherry wine they were bottling that day was amazing.  It was sweet, it was tasty, it is a new wine to me that I will add to my favorite list of wine.  Plus, I may just be able to clear some Christmas gifts off my list.

However, after it was all said and done Brad wouldn't let me take a 5 gallon jug to put in the water cooler.

I also love the idea of creating your own wine.  It would be perfect for a wedding or an anniversary party, or just as gifts for your family and friends around the holidays.

So I love learning about new things and in a sense of how things are made.  So I cannot wait to try my new endeavor.  Keep checking back to see what I'll be doing next.

Is there anything that interests you and how it is made?

Plus don't forget D'Vine Wine will be at our Wine Down and Dessert Wars.

If you are interested in D'Vine Wine you can find them at 2600 Wolflin Village.