Last night I could feel myself getting icky.  You know that feeling, you don't feel good, but you don't feel sick.  Then as the night moved on I found it harder to swallow.  I found myself tired and I could feel drainage creeping down my throat.  This morning I just feel blah!  I know that I am getting sick.  I can feel it, but I refuse to let it get me.  So what do you do when you feel sickness coming on?  Here is what I do.


I live by this stuff when I feel the ick coming on.  I don't know what it is?  It could be the blast of Vitamin C I put in my body.  Every two hours I take one and that seems to help.  I prefer the raspberry because I cannot take orange flavoring.  BLECK!

I know sometimes you cannot get the sleep you need, but tonight I will find my pillow at a very early time and get some rest.  If I let my body rest, it will heal itself.

I had a friend hand me a zinc lozenge one time when I was getting sick.  It tasted horrible, but I'm pretty sure it helped.  Mixed with the vitamin c.  I didn't get full on sick.

Drink Lots of Water

I would rather have another cup of coffee when I start getting sick but keeping hydrated keeps the sickness away.

What are your surefire tips to keep a cold at bay?