It is inevitable, we as humans, are going to have a bad day.  Sometimes we have several bad days in a row.  I know I have bad days, again, I'm only human.  So how do you pull yourself out of your funk, and turn a bad day into a good day?



Music is a release and it can change your mood.  So on a bad day, I try to fill my area with positive music to help  change my mood.


I have a book sitting on my desk called "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.  It is a book of devotions. I should read it every day and I don't.   However,  on my worst days I open it and read the devotion for the day and it is usually what I need to hear. Plus, it gives me some really great scriptures to look up.




You know it is true, laughter is the best medicine.  I try to find my friends that make me laugh the most and either talk to them or go hang out with them and with in 15 minutes my mood is good.



Some days, my bad day just comes from being tired, and when I can take a 30 minute nap, it seems to turn my frown upside down.



Sometimes a long walk around the block or a park just helps to brighten up your day.  It gives you time to think, plus the exercise releases serotonin the natural mood adjuster in your brain.

Comfort Food

Roberto Westbrook/Getty Images

I know you aren't supposed to eat your emotions but sometimes ice cream or a really good cheesecake can help your mood.


Retail therapy works every time, unless I don't have the money.

How do you turn your bad day, into a good day.