I had this moment this morning where I literally wanted to throw my alarm clock across the room.  It wasn't because it was going off.  It was a reason entirely different. 


This morning I kind of woke up before my alarm clock went off.   Sometimes I do that roll over and look and see I have another 30 minutes, and I didn't even have to hit snooze.

Noooooo, not this morning, this morning I rolled over and it was one minute before my alarm went off.  I HATE THAT!   There was nothing nice about it, nothing!  It was there in my face taunting me saying, "ha ha, you have to get up no snoozing for you," and it wasn't even buzzing.  However, before I could roll off my arm enough to reach over and turn it off...there. it. was.   The horrible sound of my alarm.

Could I snooze, no because I was already irritated, and I wasn't going to be able to snooze so I just got up, that and I had to take a shower.

It was in those moments while happily awaking waiting for the joyous, yay I get more sleep, and then nope.  That was the moment I wanted to throw my clock across the room.   Apparently I'm not very nice when I'm half asleep.

Do you hate your alarm clock?  What are some of your peeves, with the nasty loud thing that wakes you up in the morning?