I love marshmallows.  I've tried the strawberry, french vanilla, rainbow, toasted coconut, but the beer marshmallow is where I draw the line.

There is a trend that seems to be getting momentum where companies find a way to inject booze into everything.  There were the alcoholic energy drinks, then the new "Adult Chocolate Milk,"and now, BEER MARSHMALLOWS.

A company in Chicago called Truffle Truffle is selling marshmallows that are dipped in chocolate, then covered with a beer-and-pretzel brittle.

The beer content per marshmallow is very low,  you won't get drunk unless you eat like a thousand of these, but they still sound pretty good.  It costs $10 for four of them and you can order them online at TruffleTruffle.com/confections.php.


So what do you think?  Would you buy and eat this marshmallow?