Tomorrow, June 25th, marks the 2 year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. He died in his home in Los Angeles. Even though his past was littered with accusations of wrong doing and that essentially hurt his career it was only in death that people realized what an impact he had on the music world. Michael Jackson was truly the King of Pop. His death affected the whole world and he is truly missed. In memory of Michael Jackson, here is my top 10 list of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.

  • 1


    In my opinion Thriller was the best music video ever and Michael Jackson was the pioneer of music videos. This mini movie made everyone stop and notice.

  • 2

    Man In the Mirror

    This song has always touched me. It is one of my all time favorite Michael Jackson songs. It makes you stop and think about how you can affect the world and make a change.

  • 3

    Billie Jean

    I'll admit this was always one of my favorites because its my mom's name. I used to always tease her about it. The video to Billie Jean was initially rejected by MTV in 1983. Learn more about the video here in one of VH1's Pop Up Video's.

  • 4

    Beat It

    I really don't know the reasons why I love this song. Maybe its because I cranked it up on my stereo whenever my brother would come in my room. Then again it could be that red leather zipper jacket.

  • 5


    This is classic Michael Jackson. It's one of those catchy songs that you can't help singing along with when you hear it. The video was awesome and smart. Plus, its a song that spawned on of the greatest song parodies of all time. See the parody here.

  • 6

    Smooth Criminal

    Michael Jackson hit another one out of the park with this one. I love this song because of the video and the gangster feel of it. When he's dancing in the video I was always amazed when he was swaying that he never fell over. Seriously a person has to have a ton of ankle and shin strength to do that. Later on I learned that it was special shoes and special hooks in the floor that helped him do that.

  • 7

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    This is a great song. That's why its in my list. My only question is what is up with the white sash belt in the video?

  • 8

    Dirty Diana

    This song was a success for Michael in 1988 it hit number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. There is just something about this song that makes me like it.

  • 9

    Black or White

    The video is what makes me love this song. I love the special effects. It also has a large celebrity cast including Macaualay Culkin, George Wendt, and if you watch at the end you'll even see Tyra Banks.  I also love the lesson in the song.  It doesn't matter, color, race, religion we are all equal.

  • 10

    Leave Me Alone

    This song was Michael Jackson's response to the negative press he was getting in the media. The stories about bubbles, the Elephant Man, plastic surgery, and about how he slept in a hyperbolic chamber.