Just recently I became part of the iPhone generation. My 'love affair' with Apple started with the iPod, then the  iPod Touch, followed by the iPad. But, earlier this week I became the proud owner of my first iPhone.

I've read and seen on the news the issues that the iPhone has had in the past, including; drop out problems, while holding the phone and how the battery drains quickly. But, the latest incident has got to take the "top prize" for the biggest issue of the iPhone or any cellphone, for that matter.

It happened on November 25th, while a man was flying to Sydney, Australia. At one point, he looked down at his iPhone and noticed it had not only exploded, but was emitting smoke. A flight attendant took care of the situation and no one was at risk or harmed.

As you may know, this isn't the first time Apple has had problems with one of their devices catching fire. One of the more recent Apple products was the Nano, which was recalled because of possible overheating.

At this point, Apple has not made a statement.