My son and I went into a sandwich shop yesterday to have lunch,(yeah, I know, sandwiches on Mother's Day but it is what we both wanted). By the time I left I was so frustrated with the customer service that I actually contemplated calling the 1-800 number to gripe about the service.

First off when we walked in the worker (yes it was a teenager), was in the back booth reading a book, he literally rolled his eyes and huffed when we walked in.

Seriously it is your job, and I don't care if I interrupted an important part in The Hunger Games.

Then as we walk up to order he halfway listens to our order.  I swear I had to repeat myself 4 times.

As we are checking out, he asks me if we were leaving or eating here, I replied with here, and he just shoved my food at me.  Not to mention the kids meal wasn't put in the cute little bag it is supposed to be put in and no toy (and to a 5-year old that is the end of the world).

So we went and sit down, it wasn't 2 minutes into our meal that another person comes in from the back spewing profanities.

Hello? My 5-year old doesn't need to hear the s-word,  GD-word over and over again.

I know I probably should have said something but I think the evil-eye shut them up for the time being.  I'm sure they went in the back and made fun of me, but really?  I am a mom, I am spending money at your establishment and my 5-year old doesn't need to learn this stuff from a family restaurant.

An establishment where I don't think the owner would appreciate hearing about their potty mouth employees.

Luckily, after leaving there we went and grabbed some fro-yo at a near place and the young man working was very polite.