I find myself jumping up on my soap box this morning.  Am I sad that Whitney Houston died?  Yes, I am, because the world lost an amazing singer.  Do I think that her death warrants all the media attention, no I do not.  Whitney Houston was a drug addict, yes, she may have gotten clean at one point and time,  but with the events surrounding her death, it looks like she relapsed.

It has been reported that she had a ton of prescription drugs in her hotel room and that she was drinking heavily.  If you are on a prescription drug for the right reasons then you know that alcohol and prescription drugs do not mix.

It is my opinion that she was still strung out on drugs,  prescription and/or illegal.  It doesn't matter if you have a prescription for the drug, if you are abusing it then, you are abusing it.  If you have to have it to survive  and you cannot live without it then you are a drug addict.

It isn't just Whitney, Amy Winehouse was a drug addict and alcoholic.  She died from withdraws.

Michael Jackson was also drug addict.

These are just a few of the many who died from drug abuse.

I understand that these people were huge stars and great artists but why give them anymore time than a mention on the news.

People will say it was to honor them because they were celebrities and great artists.

Well what about all the soldiers that die each day?  The police, the firemen, all of the men and women that protect us on a daily basis?  They get a quick mention on the local news.  These are the people that deserved 24/7 news coverage of their death.  Not celebrities who chose to do drugs and die because of it.

I don't want my child subjected to coverage of a celebrity dying when the death was cause by drug abuse.   I'm sure some will say, "if you don't want your child hearing about it turn the channel."  Yes, I can do this but they are still going to hear about it anyway, because it is everywhere.

I understand that drugs are readily available to artists and a doc on every corner to write them a prescription.  However, celebrities have free will just like every other human, and can just as easily say no.

Drug addiction is a horrible thing, but why justify it.  They chose to do drugs because they couldn't handle their life.

If you have ever had a loved one strung out on drugs it is a very hard thing to deal with, but if they choose not to get help, then you pray for them and do your best to deal with the consequences of their actions.

The families of these celebrities deal with the consequences of their loved one's actions.

Again I don't understand it, but that seems to be how life is, it is such a shame and such a waste of life.